Wednesday, November 21, 2007

something to be grateful for

I finally finished my Noro striped scarf!

Noro Striped Scarf
by Jared Flood of brooklyntweed fame, here
yarn: Noro Silk Garden. silk, mohair, wool
colors: 243 (two skeins), 226, 241 (one skein each)
amount: 2 of one colorway, one each of the other two
finished measurements: about 6" by 65"
needles: US 5 (3.75 mm)*

I started on this way back in April, I think. Went great guns for awhile and then slacked off knitting for a few months. I loved watching the colorways change as it went along. I like the scarf, and after blocking, it's fairly soft. But I have to admit I'm kind of tired of it from working on it so long, so although I'm wearing it, I'll be switching it off with other scarves.

One thing I wish I had done differently. I used one colorway, 2 skeins, throughout the entire scarf. For the other two skeins I ended up using 2 different colorways. I wish I hadn't. I generally prefer casual and asymmetrical over formal and symmetrical, but in this case I don't like that one side of the scarf is more purples and the other side is more blues. That's because of the 4th skein I used for the second half. I do like the blues in it -- I just wish I had either waited and found 2 with similar blues to go throughout, rather than only on one half, or had used mainly purples throughout.

Either way, the pattern is great fun and I'm enjoying my scarf. And I'm very grateful it's done!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Hug someone you love, and count your blessings!

*I always have to put this disclaimer in: I knit loosely, so most people would be using a size or two larger than I used.