Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fair Needlework

And by fair, I mean county fair, as in the Great Geauga County Fair, held in Geauga County, Ohio, every fall. I saw quite a bit of needlework of various kinds, including knitting. Unfortunately, all the exhibits were behind chicken wire fences (really. I guess people can't keep their hands to themselves), so I couldn't get a close look at a lot of it. And, as much as I enjoyed the fair, they didn't do the best job of displaying all the fine work people did. But I took some photos (through the holes in the chicken wire) and thought I'd share them.

You can see what else we did at the fair here (and don't miss the fair food here!).

Meanwhile, on with the show.

And mostly because they're just too cute, here's a sample of where some of your fibers come from.

The angora...

...and the alpaca.

Love the modified Afro.

I didn't get as much inspiration as I'd hoped for, mostly because we were always at least 4' from the exhibits and I couldn't see details, but there were many hours of love, enjoyment, and talent put into all the work there. Visit your own county fair -- hey, why not enter your own county fair! And happy knitting!

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